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Personal Attacks/Antagonistic Behaviours

Do not antagonise, insult, bully, humiliate, harass, or deliberately offend any other member, moderator, site manager, or administrator. This includes personal attacks and inflammatory remarks.

Swearing is allowed. Swearing at members, moderators, site managers or administrators is not allowed. Excessive swearing that crosses the line into offensive behaviour will be moderated.

Trolling, concern-trolling, troll-hunting and flaming will not be tolerated. This includes intentionally inflammatory posts or threads which are created to incite conflict, cause offence or annoyance, or create controversy.

Do not post defamatory content about any person.

Threats of any kind will not be tolerated.

Be kind to each other.

Discrimination and Harassment

Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. For more information on hate speech, please see here.

Do not vilify, discriminate against, antagonise, insult, bully, humiliate, harass, or offend any group based on (but not limited to the following):
  • Political belief
  • Religious belief
  • Sexual preference
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Disability

Illegal, Indecent, Obscene and Explicit Content

Do not post anything unlawful, defamatory, obscene, offensive, or inappropriate. This includes (but is not limited to) discussions on cases currently in the court, defamatory comments or accusations, images or links to pornographic or otherwise offensive images

Illegal or Unlawful Activities

Due to the potential for attracting an inappropriate audience to our site, we ask that members do not explicitly or graphically discuss sexual topics.

Discrete discussions of sexual topics also relating to other issues (such as childbirth, conception, rekindling a relationship) are allowed, if they are non-offensive and not explicit or graphic.

Personal Information

Do not post personal information (yours or other people’s) on the forums.

Advice (medical, legal, other professional)

Do not post any kind of professional advice which could potentially result in detriment to others. This includes legal, medical, health, or financial advice.

Do not tell other members not to seek professional advice.

Do not rely on advice given on the boards – seek professional advice instead.

Opinions based on science (with supporting links, preferably) can be given.

Personal experience can be expressed, as long as it doesn’t cross the line into advice.

All individual professional recommendations must be via PM.

Locked/Deleted Posts or Threads

Do not start another thread relating to the same/similar topic as a locked or deleted thread.

Do not refer to deleted posts or threads.

Staying on Topic

Try to remain on topic within a thread.

Do not take thread off topic in a way which breaks site rules.

Threads which repeatedly stray off topic into personal attacks, banned topics, or repetitive arguments, may be locked by moderators.

External Links and Spamming

Links to external sites are allowed provided they do not direct to content that is prohibited by our site rules and are relevant to the context of the discussion in which they are posted.

We do not allow links to nor the promotion of other parenting forums or blogs.

Attempting to promote or recruit members to join a competing entity via this site will result in an immediate ban of your account.

We will delete any topics, posts or links that attempt to promote an article, product, service, petition, crowdfunding or survey. If you would like to promote one of the aforementioned categories please contact the site managers via PM.

Multiple Accounts

We do not allow ghost or multiple accounts on this site, only one active user account per person is permitted.

If our system detects duplicate accounts, the account created most recently will be deleted without warning.

You may delete your current account and create a new one at any time.

If two or more people sharing the same IP address wish to register an account each, please contact the site managers via PM.


Do not start multiple topics or make posts on the same subject across different areas of the board, these will be merged or deleted.

Moderating Information

Moderator decisions are final. We have a consensus rule, meaning that (at least) two moderators must agree to the action being taken.

Attacks, arguments, or harassment of moderators will not be tolerated, either on the boards or via PM.

Moderators will not discuss on the boards any moderating decisions. Please (politely) PM a moderator or site manager if you have questions about a decision made on one of your posts.

Moderators will not discuss on the boards or in PM any moderating decisions not relating to your posts/threads.

Threads will sometimes need to be locked for review. There is no time frame on these but we will endeavour to action reports and locked threads as soon as is practicable.

Moderators and Site Managers welcome all PMs from members regarding any suggestions or concerns

Site managers and moderators are all volunteers not paid staff. We will endeavour to respond to any communication as soon as is practicable.

General questions, concerns or suggestions about the site or rules in general can be posted in the Help/FAQ area of the board, or sent to moderators/site managers via PM.

Moderating Decisions and Actions

All moderating decisions (with the exception of spam, explicit/obscene content, threats, suicide/self-harm posts, legal issues, or privacy-breaching posts) require two moderators to reach a consensus on any actions taken

Moderators may edit, lock, or delete posts which breach any of the above rules, in line with moderation guidelines, and upon consensus between at least two moderators being reached.

Moderators may edit, lock, or delete threads which breach any of the above rules, in line with moderation guidelines, and upon consensus between at least two moderators being reached.

Warnings and Bans

Informal and formal warnings may be given in line with moderation guidelines, and upon consensus between at least two moderators being reached.

A warning may be issued if you break any of the site rules.

For the first offence you may, at the moderators discretion, be sent a PM outlining the rules and which one was broken.

In all other instances, formal warnings will be given. A warning will remain on your account for 90 days and is then automatically removed.

You may be given more than one warning at a time, if you have broken more than one rule.

If you receive three warnings within a 90 day period your account will be immediately suspended.

If your account is suspended the team will determine whether a ban is appropriate. A ban may be temporary or permanent.

Discussion of banned members will not be allowed. If you have concerns about a banned member please reach out to the moderator team via PM only.

Malicious Actions

Deliberate and malicious actions that intend to harm or impact negatively on the site's business operations will be dealt with swiftly and without warning.

We reserve the right to terminate your membership and/or ban your access to the site at any time without warning if you engage in malicious actions.

(Trans)gender Issues

To try to create a more civil and mutually respectful conversation, these discussions will be allowed with close moderation to the rules below.

**Please note. Moderation will be to these rules. Any breaches and your post will be edited or removed without notice. If you have to be edited or have posts removed within this topic more than 3 times in 30 days, you will be placed on immediate PA suspension. If you are placed on PA or given a formal warning a message will be sent. Furthermore, we won't allow aggressive or rude behaviour towards our moderation team.**

If a member is determined to continue ignoring the rules and/or cannot accept them, then it may be time to consider whether everybump is the right place for them. Everybump is a community first and foremost, and we want all our members to be valued and add value to the community. We ask members to follow not only the letter, but also the spirit of the rules. This allows us to have open, civil and respectful conversations about all topics, from fluffy to complex, while also ensuring that ALL members feel comfortable and safe coming to the boards.

1. Discussions of biology and scientific evidence are allowed, providing you can provide links to back up your claim and the way you post is not inflammatory.

2. Posts which are derogatory, abusive, aggressive, or accusatory towards or about trans people will not be tolerated. This includes but it not limited to posts which deny the existence or human rights of transgender people, and posts which refer to transgenderism as a disorder or mental illness.

3. Inflammatory posts or remarks will not be tolerated. We realize that "inflammatory” can be a subjective term; to minimize this, please be assured that all posts that may be viewed as or get reported as inflammatory will be moderated within these and EveryBump general rules and will be agreed upon by at least one global mod/site manager in addition to another moderator. If members are unsure whether their post is inflammatory, we ask that they err on the side of caution and don’t post it.

4. Do not deliberately misgender or deadname anyone. This includes but is not limited to members of everybump and public figures.

5. Name-calling and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Further to this, the following terms and acronyms are not permitted in discussions and will be deleted and followed up with a warning: TRA (trans right activist), TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) TIM/TIF (trans-identified male/female), GCF (gender critical feminist), tranny, male woman/women, female man/men, male/female transperson.

This list may be added to so it’s imperative that members posting on these topics check in on the rules. Attempts to get around this rule will also not be tolerated.

6. Do not make derogatory generalisations about any individual or group of people.

7. Please do not refer to the fact that some trans individuals have male sex organs in a way that is inflammatory, or intrusive to an individuals rights. Do not generalise transgender people with autogynephilia. We would prefer this not to be mentioned at all unless it’s absolutely necessary to the discussion.

Account Deletion

If you want to delete your account please PM one of the moderators or site managers with your request.

Once completed all your personal and private data will be removed from the site and you will no longer be able to logon.

We may change these rules at any time and we’ll do our utmost in informing you, though it would be prudent to review this regularly yourself as your continued usage of the site after changes mean you agree to be abide by these rules as they are updated and/or amended.